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Alberta Emergency Alert

Alberta Emergency Alert is designed to provide critical, life-saving information to Albertans when emergencies or disasters occur. When an alert comes through your radio, television, phone or internet, take immediate action. If an emergency develops, you should follow the safety instructions provided by an alert to protect yourself and your family.

Sign up to receive direct alerts

All Albertans are encouraged to sign up to receive Alberta Emergency Alerts directly to phones, tablets and computers via Twitter, Facebook or RSS

The app has the following features:

  • Allows alerts to be delivered based on current location (“where you are”);
  • Receive alerts for preselected areas (“where loved ones may be located”);
  • Allow the user to change the alert tone for informational alerts; and
  • Links to the AEMA emergency preparedness website with details of the 72 hour Emergency kit.

What an alert sounds and looks like

Click here to hear an audio clip of an alert sample that Alberta Emergency Alert uses to test the system on a quarterly basis. Alerts can issued for many different scenarios, at either an information or critical level of emergency. To view a full list of all the alerts that can be issued, click here.

Be prepared

Emergencies are unpredictable. Disaster can happen with little or no warning, leaving affected communities and individuals with limited time to prepare. Ensure you and your family are ready for an emergency should it arise. Prepare a 72-hour kit and be ready to stop, listen and respond.

How the system works

Alberta Emergency Alert is a voluntary program for both municipal and broadcast media partners. Alerts are issued by authorized users, designated and trained emergency personnel in the area as well as Environment Canada and other public safety partners.

Alberta Emergency Alert is a model of effective co-operation between government and broadcasters. Local government officials can use Alberta Emergency Alert to warn residents about emerging situations that threaten life and property and effectively advise their residents about precautions and actions they should take. Local officials may also use Alberta Emergency Alert to issue both voluntary and mandatory evacuation orders when appropriate. If you believe that an Alberta Emergency Alert should issued in your area, please contact your municipal office.

For more information

Send Alberta Emergency Alert an email or call 780-422-9000

  • Date modified: 2016-08-19

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